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What can we offer you?

Tell us what your KPIs are and we will meet your goals efficiently and effectively!
AUDIO campaigns perfectly complement digital campaigns. The first audio advert was broadcast on the radio in 1922, so we will soon be celebrating 100 years of radio advertising. But traditional radio does not reach everyone. Thanks to digital AUDIO advertising, we can reach people who listen to programmes (not only radio programmes) on the internet, on modern, often portable media. Digital AUDIO advertising is a perfect supplement to traditional radio advertising, as it allows you to reach users who only listen to radio in a limited form or who do not listen to it at all.

Tell us what your KPIs are and we will meet your goals efficiently and effectively!

With aggregated advertising resources from premium producers, we help you better reach a specific, high-growth, content-engaged target audience characterised by creativity and freedom to consume content, regardless of location or activity.

With us, you can execute your advertising campaigns on the ad space of media groups such as RMF Group, Eurozet Group, Agora, Wirtualna Polska (open FM) and on the music streaming platforms: Spotify, Deezer, Tune In.

What can we do for you?

We will prepare professional audio spots for screening as pre-roll/midroll on the websites of radio channels or in audio listening applications.

We will prepare podcasts and branded content campaigns.

We will develop the necessary graphic materials.

We will plan campaigns in line with your objectives and goals, either for RON (reach) or for one of over a dozen thematic packages.

We will use a wide range of campaign targeting possibilities, including demographic, behavioural, remarketing or capping.

We will implement actions and optimise them on an ongoing basis.

We will provide statistics at any moment of the campaign – the data are available practically right away.

We screen campaigns in both programmatic and direct models.